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Personal Profile

With the Personal Profile we measure a person’s behaviour. The strength of this DISC analysis lies in how accurately it makes visible how a person prioritizes in different situations. Through this process it emerges in which roles the person is most comfortable and thus will fit and thrive best. The Personal Profile can be used for personal development, performance appraisals or in a coaching situation. The Personal Profile also forms the basis for the other DISC analyses included in PulsAnalys AB’s product range.

Team Profile

The Team Profile is used to create high-performing teams. Our Team Profile gives you a clear picture of the people who are part of a working group. The Team Profile provides a basis to start from if you want to work with team building and team development. This DISC tool gives a clear picture of the team’s strengths, but also shows the requirements profile that has been jointly developed. The requirements profile is matched against the different individuals’ Personal Profiles.

Recruitment Profile

With the Recruitment Profile, your recruitment becomes clearer and easier. Here, the company’s needs become visible with respect to the characteristics already in the working group. Later, the candidate’s profile can be matched against this information.

360 Profile

With the 360 Profile, you increase your understanding of each other’s differences. This tool provides a different perspective on a person’s Personal Profile and opens up to discussions about others’ perceptions of your strengths. The 360 Profile is a powerful tool for feedback, team development and conflict management. It can also be used within recruitment for references and referencing, and in managerial and leadership assessments.

Consulting Services

Our consultants have many years of experience and extensive expertise in a number of different business areas. We provide services that range from a few single hours to significantly larger and more extensive projects. Contact us and we will help you tailor a solution that suits your business.

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