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Team Profile

Create high-performing teams with the right requirements profile

What is a Team Profile?

The Team Profile is used to create high-performing teams. Our Team Profile gives you a clear picture of the people who are part of a working group. The Team Profile provides a basis to start from if you want to work with team building and team development. This DISC tool gives a clear picture of the team’s strengths, but also shows the requirements profile that has been jointly developed. The requirements profile is matched against the different individuals’ Personal Profiles.

The Team Profile highlights what qualities the team feels are important. With the tool, the team leader gets support in his leadership, communication and feedback, but also guidance on how to set goals.

Applications of the Team Profile?

Areas where the Team Profile is used effectively are in leadership, group and team development, sales development and communication. In order for you to find out more about the Team Profile, we regularly organise courses where you learn how to use the tool. We also offer consultants to help you and your company create Team Profiles.

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How does a Team Profile work?
First, each of the participants answers how they picture the team
Then a common picture is drawn of how the team should look to meet set goals and expectations
When this picture is created, it is discussed whether the strengths, characteristics and driving forces are in line with these goals and expectations
Now you have the opportunity to see how the Personal profiles of the individual members correspond to the picture
Finally, the set requirements profile is compared with the group's strengths and any areas of development thus become clear

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