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What is PulsAnalys?

What is PulsAnalys?

PulsAnalys is a communication tool that shows behavioural patterns based on the DISC theory. A simple tool to use in companies to increase the understanding of each individual in any work situation. The tool shows similarities and differences in people’s behaviours, which together allow us to take advantage of each persons’ different strengths.

Understanding each other is difficult – understanding each other at work is even more difficult – with PulsAnalys you will be better at understanding yourself and other people. PulsAnalys is based on the DISC theory, which has its roots in the theory by American William M. Marston, read more here.

Step 1 – Basic DISC Course

To be able to use the tool yourself, you need to a certified PulsAnalys DISC user. You can read more about our Basic DISC Course here. When using the tool, we place great importance to the feedback interview itself, which we focus a lot on during the course. The goal for you as an interviewer is to develop people and lift them. This will create understanding and promote good communication between employees and managers or employees and employees. Good and clear communication is one of the keys to success and benefits all companies. We are primarily aimed to you who work in HR, are a leader, coach or consultant as well as a recruiter. The tool is used in recruitment, leadership development, group development and team building, personal development as well as employee interviews and coaching.

With PulsAnalys…

… You increase the understanding between managers and employees.

… We create an internal common language.

… You get a simple, clear and fast tool.

PulsAnalys measures…

… Basic behaviour (the social self).

… Adaptation under pressure.

… Adaptation in external / work environment.

Step 2 - Certification

When you have completed our Basic DISC Course, 10 profiles are included in order for you to practice before the certification day. With these profiles you train yourself to complete feedback interviews according to our feedback scheme and our ethical rules. Since this tool is about people, it is never possible to predict how a person will respond. It is therefore very important that you practice feedback interviews. The validity is very high, but each person has to decide for himself/herself how much is in line with the profile.

When you have passed the certification, you have the right knowledge to use all our tools in the system. You will be ready to get a subscription and get started.

Step 3 - Subscription

Choose a subscription that suits you and your business. You go to the “Subscribe” page or click here where you choose the type of company that match your business the most. You also choose how many users from your company that will be using the system, and how many employees in total that are a part of your company. This is just a price list so if you have any further questions, we are more than happy to help you. Click on the “Get the subscription” box at the bottom of the screen and we will call you within 24 hours to discuss the most suitable subscription for you. Our price list is based on the fact that you as a user can create an unlimited number of profiles in all our products.

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