PulsAnalys DISC

Personal Profile

A DISC analysis that highlights your personal characteristics and driving forces

What is a  Personal profile?

With the Personal Profile we measure a person’s behaviour. The strength of this DISC analysis lies in how accurately it makes visible how a person prioritizes in different situations. Through this process it emerges in which roles the person is most comfortable and thus will fit and thrive best. The Personal Profile can be used for personal development, performance appraisals or in a coaching situation. The Personal Profile also forms the basis for the other DISC analyses included in PulsAnalys AB’s product range.

Our DISC analysis measures three things. Firstly, where we are most comfortable, ”our social self”, secondly, how we adapt to a work situation and finally how we adapt to a stressed situation.

Applications of the  Personal profile?

Areas where the Personal Profile is used effectively are in personal development, leadership, communication, group and team development, psychosocial work environment, sales development and performance appraisals. In order for you to find out more about the Personal Profile, we regularly organise courses where you learn how to use the tool. We also offer consultants to help you and your company create Personal Profiles.

How does a Personal Profile work?
You answer 25 different statements
The form is available in 15 different languages
The profile takes about 10–12 minutes to complete
The questions are answered according to the spontaneous method
The answers are mandatory
We use a completely neutral language and there are no good or bad profiles
The estimate results in a graph showing how the individual sees himself

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