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Educational courses connected to the DISC theory
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PulsAnalys DISC - A communication tool that simplifies every day at work

PulsAnalys is a communication tool that shows behavioural patterns based on the DISC theory. A simple tool to use in companies to increase understanding of each other in a work situation. Want to see our three steps to better communication?

We offer free inspirational seminars at various locations in Sweden. During the seminar, we give you tips, ideas and knowledge on how to think when you meet other people in your work life. Want to attend our inspirational seminar?

In order for you to be able to work with PulsAnalys DISC yourself, we offer you our Basic DISC Course and Advanced DISC Course. With these courses and a subscription, you can create profiles yourself and use all our products. Do you want to know more?

Do you work as a coach, consultant or recruiter and need a tool to measure behaviour? Then we have the solution for you! With our tool, you can expand your business portfolio and offer your customers greater added value. Do you want to know more?

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In addition to Puls profiles in various contexts as part of team/manager development, we have focused on PulsAnalys 360 in our Development Center – an assessment for prospective Section managers. Superb complement to case and exercises.
Mikael Hansen
The recruitment process has been solid with the majority of interviews with the top candidates including personality tests with the help of PulsAnalys AB from Stockholm. A representative from the staff has also been part of the recruitment group.
Anders Wiklund
Åda AB
PulsAnalys is a simple and easy to use tool that helps us recruit the right person to the right place. PulsAnalys helps us to improve communication within the company and identify the development areas of our employees.
Pia Antill
Birka Cruises AB
PulsAnalys offers a good tool when recruiting. It is easy to use, interesting and provides increased understanding of how others react and act. The tool highlights the person's strengths.
Inger Eriksson
Eckerö Rederi AB
PulsAnalays is a simple and functional tool that provides a complementary interview basis for recruitment and team development of staff. Creates a deeper dialogue and understanding of the person's strengths and weaknesses. Of course, we also think the support is very good and you all are nice and very helpful.
Linnéa Persson
Faiveley Transport Nordic AB
For me, the training in PulsAnalys DISC has meant a whole new way of identifying people's strengths and how different qualities are needed to create an effective team.
Robert Hallgren
The Generation AB
I wanted a simple and digital tool in my work as HR consultant and Executive Coach. PulsAnalys contributes to strengthened communication in organisations and the tool lifts different strengths in the individual.
Jessica Hill Holm
Hill Holm Coaching & Consulting

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