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360 Profile

Create insight by giving each other feedback

What is a 360 Profile?

With the 360 ​​Profile we measure how others perceive a person’s behaviour. It is a DISC analysis where individuals estimate each other and provide feedback. The 360 ​​Profile is used as a basis for cooperation between manager and employee, between employee and employee, etc. The analysis is a very effective tool for improving communication, feedback and collaboration between individuals in a workplace. With the 360 ​​Profile you get a comprehensive picture of how a person works in different situations and contexts.

The 360 ​​Profile and the Personal Profile have a lot in common, but instead of estimating yourself, as you do in the Personal Profile, you estimate an employee and thereby give feedback on how you see that person.

Applications of the 360 Profile?

Areas where the 360 Profile is used effectively are in leadership, communication, group and team development, performance appraisals and referral when recruiting. In order for you to find out more about the 360 Profile, we regularly organise courses where you learn how to use the tool. We also offer consultants to help you and your company create 360 Profiles.

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How does a 360 Profile work?
When you make the 360 ​​Profile, you always start with the individual in question being allowed to make their own Personal Profile to estimate themselves
A corresponding estimate, 360, is then made by a number of assessors such as superiors, colleagues, subordinates, etc.
The various estimates then result in a graph showing the difference between how the individual sees himself and how others perceive him/her
The 360 ​​Profile is an effective tool for feedback and is used as a basis for personal development, planning and coaching
The method can be a complement to performance appraisals as well as when referencing when recruiting

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