PulsAnalys DiSC – Mia Wernersson

The company

PulsAnalys is a personality profiling tool based on the DiSC theory, and PulsAnalys AB holds the international copyrights on the system. PulsAnalys AB was founded in the mid-1990s by Robert Mellin and is a Swedish company that also works internationally. Today, the company is owned and managed by Mia Wernersson. PulsAnalys AB is represented at several locations in Sweden as well as on the Åland Islands and in China. Our goal is to be able to work with even more countries in the future.

During 2015, we started working with franchise. We have divided Sweden into seven regions where we in the future see franchisees operate under the PulsAnalys brand. The companies that choose to work with us are limited companies that see an opportunity in working with an already established brand. They are companies that get access to training, marketing, source material and, not least, the system itself. To work with us, we want you to invest long-term and a 100 percent.

PulsAnalys AB works with providing analysis and measurement tools for long-term development and change programs in leadership, organisation and human behaviour.

We work with clients in the business sector and the public sector. We also collaborate with psychologists, behaviourists and business developers with long experience in development and change programs. Our staff has many years of experience in management within various industries.

PulsAnalys AB works with long-term and sustainable personal development. We see this as the key to success. To achieve this, we provide several different analysis tools to be applied depending on the various needs that exist.

PulsAnalys’ strengths are simplicity, clarity and speed.

Our vision

To, with simple tools, increase understanding between staff and managers. Thereby, the motivation and efficiency is improved, leading to increased profit.

Business concept

To offer companies an analysis tool of high quality, and at an affordable price, to improve their performance.