PulsAnalys DiSC – Mia Wernersson

Mia Wernersson, Managing Director

Has experience with a focus on sales and marketing. Responsible for business development. Works with coaching, leadership, sales training, as a speaker etc.

+46 70 676 23 75

PulsAnalys DiSC – Peter Lövgren

Peter Lövgren, Regional Manager Sweden and Project Manager

Peter is the regional manager and contact for our franchisees in Sweden. Peter also works with social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

+46 76 160 74 95

PulsAnalys DiSC – Daniel Lundell

Daniel Lundell, Project Manager

Daniel was originally trained at the Ingesund College of Music in Arvika to become an instrumental music teacher. Over the years he has gathered knowledge from a wide range of sectors and has also experience as self-employed. At PulsAnalys, Daniel works as a project manager in communications and administration. His main task is to assure the quality of all internal and external communications.

+46 70 729 82 60

PulsAnalys DiSC – Kim Adeholm

Kim Adeholm, Marketing Manager

During summer 2017, PulsAnalys AB will have a new staff member. Her name is Kim Adeholm and is currently studying Bachelor in Management and Marketing at London South Bank University, England. Kim has studied in London for two years and has another two years left after this summer. In the fall she will be doing her internship at the event company George P. Johnson. Kim is a certified PulsAnalys user, but she will also work on subjects related to marketing and communications.

Gang Liu, Consultant and Training Manager China

Dr. Gang Liu has worked for many years in the pharmaceutical industry for AstraZeneca, Sweden. Gang is a certified user and trainer within PulsAnalys. She is responsible for training in China.

+46 70 441 68 32

James Lin, Sales and Marketing Manager China

James currently works in the Scandinavian tourism industry with special focus on the Chinese market. With his vast network of contacts, he works today with sales and marketing towards China.

+46 70 288 93 89

+86 135 2146 5461