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Team Profile Index (TPI)

Create high-performance teams with the right requirement profile

With the TPI, you will get a clear picture of the individuals who are part of a team. The analysis provides a basis to start from when working with group and team development. With our TPI, the team gathers to create a requirement profile describing how they want the team to operate. The requirement profile is then compiled into a simple graph which later can be compared to each member’s personal profile (PPI).

The TPI is used to create high-performance teams. Everything from boards, management teams, sales teams etc. The tool provides a clear picture of the team’s strengths, but it also shows a requirement profile that has been jointly created. This requirement profile is matched against each member’s personal profile (PPI). The TPI highlights characteristics that the team finds important. With the tool, the team leader gets an overview of the team. From this, the team leader finds support in his or her leadership, communication, feedback and vision of how goals should achieved.

The TPI can be practised on groups like boards, management teams, sales teams etc. It is used by managers, supervisors, project managers, recruiters, HR staff, coaches and consultants.

Applications for the TPI

  • Group and team development
  • Organisational development
  • Leadership development
  • Occupational safety and health (OSH)

How does the TPI work?

  • First of all, each person included should describe how he or she pictures the team
  • Thereafter, a unified picture is developed of what the team should look like to meet goals and expectations
  • When this picture is developed, there will be a discussion of how strengths, qualities and motivations correspond to these goals and expectations
  • Now, one has the ability to see how the various team members’ PPI corresponds to the picture
  • Finally, the requirement profile and the group’s strengths are compared and any areas for development becomes clear
Graf DiSC TPI (EN)

Areas where the TPI is used in an efficient way are leadership, group and team development, sales development and communication. For you to learn more about the TPI, we offer workshops on a regular basis teaching how to use the tool. We also offer consultants helping you and your company to carry out the TPI, if you would rather prefer so.

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