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Person Profile Index (PPI)

Make your personal qualities and motivations visible

With the PPI, we measure a person’s behaviour. The strength of the PPI is how accurately it describes how a person prioritises in different situations. From this process will emerge in which roles the person is most convenient, and thus will fit and thrive best. The PPI can, among other things, be used for personal development, performance appraisals or in a coaching situation. The PPI is also the basis for all other HRM and DiSC tools provided by PulsAnalys AB.

With the PPI, we measure three things. Partly, where we feel most convenient, ”our social self”. Partly, how we adapt in a work situation. And finally, how we adapt under pressure. The result is then compiled into a simple graph from which one can easily review the three different situations. When using the PPI, personal feedback from a certified Puls user is prepared where the individual in question gets a presentation of the graph and a private letter. The letter is structured with headlines such as personality, values, communication style, desires, needs and descriptive words. The validity of DiSC is measured to 87.2 percent recognition.

The PPI is a tool designed to make every individual’s personal qualities and motivations visible. It is used by managers, supervisors, project managers, recruiters, HR staff, coaches and consultants.

Applications for the PPI

  • Personal development
  • Coaching and career development
  • Performance appraisals
  • Leadership development
  • Improved customer service
  • Occupational safety and health (OSH)
  • Cover letter for CV
  • Improved communication skills
  • Stress management

How does the PPI work?

  • You respond to 25 different statements
  • The profile takes about 10–12 minutes to fulfil
  • The questions should be answered spontaneously
  • Answers are binding
  • We use a completely neutral language and there are no good or bad profiles
  • The assessment results in a graph showing how the individual sees himself or herself
Graf DiSC PPI (EN)

Areas where the PPI is used in an efficient way are personal development, leadership, communication, group and team development, psychosocial work environment, sales development and performance appraisals. For you to learn more about the PPI, we offer workshops on a regular basis teaching how to use the tool. We also offer consultants helping you and your company to carry out the PPI, if you would rather prefer so.

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