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Job Profile Index (JPI)

A recruitment tool that really helps

Putting together a requirement profile with hard values is usually easy, but creating a profile in which a person’s behaviour is the focus, and furthermore consistent with the company’s values, is much more difficult. Our JPI helps you create a unified picture of the position to be filled. With the analysis, a requirement profile is created with the soft values that is important to you and your company. The profile is then compiled into a simple graph which later can be matched against each candidate’s personal profile (PPI).

The JPI is used to create soft requirement profiles for the position to be filled. These requirement profiles should also be consistent with the company’s values. From this process, a unified picture will emerge of what behaviour the company is looking for in a candidate. The result is then matched against each individual’s personal profile (PPI). The tool creates a graph that highlights which characteristics a certain candidate has in comparison to the desired profile. With the JPI as your tool, a clear picture is created of the position to be filled. The person responsible for recruitment finds support in having a requirement profile that several people have worked out together.

The JPI is a recruitment tool that helps companies to, in a simple and efficient way, recruit the right talent for the job to be done. The tool is used by managers, supervisors, project managers, recruiters, HR staff, coaches and consultants.

Applications for the JPI

  • Recruitment
  • Staff training
  • Creating profiles for different job positions
  • JPI as a basis for creating job ads
  • Staff transfers
  • Personal development

How does the JPI work?

  • First of all, each person who are to be working with the candidate should describe how he or she pictures the role to be filled
  • Thereafter, a unified picture is developed of what the role should look like to meet goals and expectations
  • When this picture is developed, there will be a discussion of how strengths, qualities and motivations correspond to these goals and expectations
  • Now, one has the ability to see how the various candidates’ PPI corresponds to the picture
  • Finally, the requirement profile and the candidates’ strengths are compared and any areas for development becomes clear
Graf DiSC JPI (EN)

Areas where the JPI is used in an efficient way are recruitment, staff training, staff transfers and personal development. For you to learn more about the JPI, we offer workshops on a regular basis teaching how to use the tool. We also offer consultants helping you and your company to carry out the JPI, if you would rather prefer so.

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