Puls360 DiSC

360 Person Index (360PI)

Raise awareness by giving each other feedback

With the 360PI, we measure how others perceive a person’s behaviour. It is an analysis where individuals assess each other. The 360PI is used as a basis for developing cooperation between manager and employee, between employee and co-worker etc. This analysis is a very effective tool to help improve communication and cooperation between individuals in a workplace.

The 360PI is used by managers, supervisors, project managers, recruiters, HR staff, coaches and consultants.

Applications for the 360PI

  • Personal development
  • Group and team development
  • Organisational development
  • Coaching and career development
  • Leadership development
  • Improved customer service
  • Occupational safety and health (OSH)

How does the 360PI work?

  • When doing the 360PI, one always starts with the individual in question doing its own personal profile (PPI) to assess himself or herself
  • A parallel assessment, the 360PI, is then done by a number of observers such as e.g. superiors, co-workers, subordinates etc.
  • The different assessments subsequently result in a graph showing the difference between how the individual sees itself and how others perceive him or her
  • The 360PI is an effective tool for feedback and is used as a basis for personal development, planning and coaching
  • The method can act as a complement to performance appraisals
Graf DiSC 360PI (EN)

Areas where the 360PI is used in an efficient way are leadership, communication, group and team development, sales development and performance appraisals. For you to learn more about the 360PI, we offer workshops on a regular basis teaching how to use the tool. We also offer consultants helping you and your company to carry out the 360PI, if you would rather prefer so.

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