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PulsTeam (TPI)

Welcome to attend our training on creating high-performance teams. The course covers a full day and it aims to convey knowledge and provide skills for you to be able to work with the TPI as a tool for group and team development.

During this training, we work with Susan Wheelan’s theories and research on group development. We review the different phases of group affiliation.

You will learn how to conduct the so-called Team Profile Index (TPI). How to create links, how to report results and which steps you need to carry out to create a requirement profile. We also discuss the process behind different results that arise. You will get suggestions and ideas on various exercises that you can use when working with groups.

The course covers a full day with the objective to provide the participants with the knowledge and skills needed to be able to work with PulsAnalys as a tool for group and team development.

We address you who work as a manager, leader, HR supervisor, coach, consultant or you who work with group and team development in some other form.

Training schedule, 09.00–17.00

  • Goal and purpose of the course
  • DiSC background – Dr. William Moulton Marston
  • Briefing on Susan Wheelan’s theories on group development
  • The various team roles
  • Interpretation of the Team Profile Index (TPI)
  • Tips and suggestions on how to use PulsAnalys in your organisation

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