PulsCertifiering DiSC

PulsCertification (PPI)

Basic training and certification is the first step to being able to fully use the tools of PulsAnalys. This training is suitable for managers, supervisors, HR staff, recruiters, coaches or consultants.

During this training we focus primarily on conveying knowledge about the DiSC theory and how to deliver feedback. We look at background and interpretation of various profiles and provide examples of different applications where you can use PulsAnalys in your business.

The main purpose of our basic training is for participants to understand the DiSC theory and to be able to conduct and feedback so-called Person Profile Indexes (PPI). The course includes 10 profiles to practice on prior to the certification. With the PPI, we measure three things. Partly, a person’s ”social self”. Partly, how the person in question adapts in a work situation. And finally, how the person adapts under pressure. We also measure what motivates and what does not motivate a person.

During the training, you will learn how to manage all functions of PulsAnalys. You will learn how to create profiles and links, how to produce reports, how to create team and job profiles as well as how to conduct the 360PI. During the course, you will have full access to our entire system and to all of our products.

Prior to the training, we will send out a link for you to make your own personal profile. Once you have made your profile, we will give you exclusive feedback to be used as a basis for the training itself.

Training schedule day 1, 09.00–17.00

  • Goal and purpose of the course
  • DiSC background – Dr. William Moulton Marston
  • PulsAnalys and DiSC – the four variables
  • How is PulsAnalys used and within which areas?
  • Profiles and feedback

Training schedule day 2, 09.00–17.00

  • Recap from day 1
  • Advanced training and practical exercises, as well as feedback
  • Briefing on the PulsAnalys system
  • Ethical codes
  • A practice account is created for you to be able to send out links and profiles
  • Preparations for certification

Training schedule day 3, 09.00–17.00

  • Feedback on practice profiles
  • Certification assignments
  • Briefing on TPI, JPI and 360PI
  • Certification

For those of you who are certified, or want to become certified, we offer meetings two or three times a year with relevant content, such as:

  • Introduction of news
  • Recap
  • Profiles that are difficult to interpret
  • Exchange of experiences and other queries
  • Advanced training, practical exercises and feedback

PulsAnalys AB also offers customised training for your company. If there are more than three persons to be certified, we can offer you the following:

  • We customise the training to meet the needs of your business
  • We offer you a reduced price
  • We can conduct the training at your facilities

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Learn more about the DiSC theory by clicking here.