Puls360 DiSC

Puls360 (360PI)

Whether you are a manager, supervisor, HR staff, coach or consultant, this is an excellent tool for you to work with. The 360PI is a simple and effective tool to use in personal development, group and team development, feedback or in coaching.

To use this tool, we want you to be certified in PulsAnalys.

The 360PI provides you with a graph showing how you perceive yourself, but also how others see you. If you are trained, you can in a simple and effective way interpret this graph and apprehend the similarities and differences that may arise.

The course covers a full day with the objective to broaden and deepen current knowledge and skills on the PulsAnalys Person Profile Index (PPI) and 360 Person Index (360PI). You learn how to use these both tools in development efforts of various kinds.

Self-awareness and consciousness is the focus. How do you see yourself? How are you perceived by your co-workers and managers? How do you manage and work with this tool in an enriching way?

Training schedule, 09.00–17.00

  • Goal and purpose of the course
  • DiSC background – 360PI
  • How do i interpret the graph, and how do others perceive me?
  • When, how, and within which areas is the PulsAnalys 360PI used?
  • Profiles and feedback

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