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Basic DISC Course


22-23 November, 2023

Time: 09:00 - 16:00

This Basic DISC Course is taking place on 2023-11-22 – 2023-11-23.

Comprehensive training in DISC as well as the certification is the first thing required to fully utilize the tools within PulsAnalys. This course is suitable for managers, supervisors, HR-managers, recruiters, coaches or consultants.

The main purpose of the Basic DISC Course is that the participant should understand the DISC theory and be able to carry out feedback interviews based on the result of a completed Personal Profile. The course includes 10 profiles to use for practice purposes before the certification. With the Personal Profile we measure three things; Firstly, a person’s “social self”, secondly how the person in question adapts to a work situation and thirdly how the person adapts to a stressed situation. We also measure what motivates and what does not motivate a person.

Course program

Below is a list of areas and topics that will be mentioned and discussed during the course:
  • Aim and purpose of the course
  • DISC Background – William Moulton Marston
  • PulsAnalys and DISC – the four factor bars
  • How is PulsAnalys used and in what areas?
  • Ethical rules
  • Profiles and feedback

Course Leader

Mia Wernersson is the owner and CEO of PulsAnalys AB and has extensive experience with sales and marketing. She also works with business development, coaching, leadership and sales training. Mia is very active as a course leader and a DISC speaker.

NOTE! Registration is binding. Billing is done in advance.

990 € excluding VAT.


22-23 November, 2023

Mia Wernersson

070-676 23 75


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