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Make a personal profile, find out your strengths.

With the Person Profile Index you make a person’s prominent strengths visible. You will also see how the person tends to behave in different situations including pressure as well as how he or she adapts to demands and expectations. This tool is the foundation of PulsAnalys and can be used as a basis for e.g. personal development, coaching, leadership development, communications training etc.

Optimize your team with a team profile.

With the Team Profile Index you bring together the group’s individual profiles in a clearly defined graph which can be compared to a set of requirements. How do we use our strengths as a team? What do we need to work on to reach our goals or increase our productivity?

Recruit easily with a job profile.

With the Job Profile Index your recruitment becomes clearer and easier. Here the company’s needs become visible with regard to the properties that already exist in the working group. Later, the candidate’s profile can be matched against this information.

360 increases your understanding of each other.

With the 360 you increase the understanding of each other’s differences which gives you the opportunity to manage conflicts before they arise. This attractive tool provides another perspective on a person’s profile and opens up to discussion of other people’s perception of your strengths. 360 is a powerful tool for performance reviews, team development and conflict management.