The tool helps us to gain a greater understanding of our differences and to see these as an asset which we can use to complement each other. By focusing on the person’s strengths and motivations, and that there is no assessment of the result, a more open discussion climate is created where nothing is right or wrong. I have very good experiences with the tool, both in terms of team development, recruitment or as a basis for performance reviews.

Jeanette Sandberg, Sparhallen


An easily understandable tool that always brings a clear complement to my recruitments. Creates a common language without evaluating the organization.

Mona Beckman, PS Communication


Simple and easy to work with. Highlights strengths and brings a good basis for discussion. Shows the groups profile and exposes what it needs to work with and develop. Clarifies how members of a group see and perceive each other, providing a good basis for conflict management. The tool also highlights and reveals stress and pressure.

Margareta Malmberg Norring, Medskap


This tool creates insight and provides a good basis for coaching toward goals that can develop a personality. It helps to strengthen self-esteem and self-confidence, and develops awareness of yourself. A validation on wether you recognize yourself and if you want to be as the result shows. It also develops understanding of yourself and others.

Gudrun Sköld, SUAB


A good complement for assessment of candidates. Very positive to give feedback to the person. You always learn something. An eye-opener.

Margareta Haglund, Uppsala Kommun


PulsAnalys offers a good aid for recruitment. It is easy to use, interesting and provides greater understanding of how others react and act. The tool highlights the persons strengths.

Inger Eriksson, Eckerö Rederi AB


For us, PulsAnalys is a door opener. A way to enter new businesses through which we can then develop a cooperation on other things as well. When I have a coaching assignment, Puls is a good way to get a picture of the person being coached. In our communications training, participants begin by making their own profile as a way to better understand themselves and others.

Sanna Dahlberg, Scintillate AB


An obvious strength is the tools simplicity and speed. It helps leaders and others to increase understanding of their strengths and how to effectively use these instead of only focusing on flaws and weaknesses.

Marie Douhan Seabra, Scintillate AB


A good complement to traditional PRs. It is based on my strengths, which results in a positive climate for discussion. Useful also for recruitment of personnel.

Rolf Josefsson, Studiefrämjandet