Work with us

Are you a driven person and want to work with an established brand and a powerful and well-functioning system? PulsAnalys AB has chosen to work with franchisees to develop and expand the company.

We have made a map where we divide Sweden into 7 different regions. Our ambition is to have one franchisee per region.

Being a franchisee means that your business operates under PulsAnalys’brand, selling and working with our system. The franchisor, PulsAnalys AB, grants the use and sales rights of the brand and products to the franchisee. Use and sales rights are exclusive in their respective regions. The franchisee is an independent trader and a limited company.

As a franchisee you will be part of a larger network of other franchisees. We can thus together create an even stronger brand and create a common platform where we can all contribute and grow. This step is part of a long-term plan through which we can, together, increase our market share and provide the opportunity for more companies to work with our product.

We look for you who have ambitions, are responsible and want to work with an established brand. You who see the benefits of getting a quick start and direct access to a well-functioning system. As a franchisee, you will of course be promoted and marketed through our website and other networks. You get a ready-made logotype, reference customers and you become part of an already existing and functioning business.

Are you interested and want to know more? Please contact us by email or telephone:, telephone +46 706762375, telephone +46 761607495

Below you can see which regions are now available.